Want To Meet Pusha T? Register To Vote On Hillary Clinton’s Website

blame it on Patrick Glynn September 29, 2016

Voting is important. And even though most elections can be forecasted way before you even head to the polls, actually entering a ballot feels pretty good (maybe not so much this year given certain candidates), and taking part in something that comes around once every four years feels pretty good too (again, maybe not so much this year).

But one of the most annoying parts about the voting process is — and this is going to sound super pompous — is printing forms out and mailing them in. Yes, it sounds very simple, but that can sometimes just be the beginning of the issue. Problems with valid ID, transportation to the polls and other things stop people from registering to vote in the first place.

Hillary Clinton is trying to make the process somewhat easier while also incentivizing registering by offering a chance to win a meet-and-greet with a certain celebrity.

You can start the registration process on Hillary’s website. It’ll direct you to certain form you can download specific to your state that you can print out and mail in to your local election office.

And when you start registering on her site, it will automatically enter you in a chance to meet *drum roll to the tune of “Grindin'”* none other than your favorite neighborhood pusher, Pusha T.

Now as likely I would’ve thought King Push being intertwined with the Hillary Clinton campaign was, it begs you to ask: what Hillary’s favorite Pusha T bar?

My guesses:

“Seeing my life through the windshields of choppers/I ain’t spend one rap dollar in 3 years, holla!”


“They say death multiplies by threes/Line them all up and let’s just see.”

Hillary’s a ruthless politician. I have no doubt she listened to Hell Hath No Fury before debates with President Obama back in ’08.