André 3000 Joins $ilk Money On “Decemba (Remix)”

blame it on Meka September 29, 2016

Divine Council is an eclectic group consisting of Richmond, Virginia-reared rappers $ilk Money, Cyrax! and Lord Linco, and Chicago-bred producer ICYTWAT. The group, off the strength of their Council World lead single “P$42WWS,” nabbed a deal with Epic Records.

Now, their stock is about to receive a massive boost, as they’ve managed to team up with one of the most reclusive rappers of all time — André 3000 — for the remix of $ilk Money’s “Decemba.”

“I remember when we first met Andre,” $ilk shared with Rolling Stone. “That shit blew the fuck out my mind. I didn’t know who the fuck this nigga was. I was like, ‘This nigga look just like Andre 3000.’ And it deadass was Andre 3000. He was like, ‘What’s up, I’m big fans of y’all.’ I was like, ‘We big fans of you!’ He sat next to us eating tomato soup and shit. That nigga flew from Texas to New York just to see us perform. He was saying how we remind him of Outkast because he ain’t never heard anything like us. And I was blown away.”

The next Outkast? Maybe not. But their latest magic track is pretty fresh and 3 Stacks comes through as usual.

“Decemba (Remix)”