J. Cole Reveals Meadows Performance As “Last Show For A Very Long Time”

blame it on Patrick Glynn October 3, 2016

It’s been almost two years since J. Cole‘s last project, 2014 Forest Hills Drive. Now while some of us are level-headed and understand artists are people, too, and need time to create and be with themselves, there’s a large portion of every artist’s fan base that clamors for new music a week after dropping an album.

It’s been 95 weeks since FHD, so that’s a lot of clamoring. But fans can find a silver lining in J. Cole’s latest announcement at The Meadows festival in New York City.

“Before I go,” he said, “this is my last show for a very long time.”

Now while this may bum people out who like seeing Jermaine rap about losing his virginity live in front of a microphone, this could mean he’s ready to barrel down in a studio and complete his next project.

It could also mean he wants to live life — a married one, at that — like a normal person and take some time to breathe after years of touring and making music.

But either way, if you’ve passed on seeing J. Cole live assuming “he’ll be back soon,” he won’t, it seems.