Nevelle Viracocha – “DIRRTY GAME”

blame it on Patrick Glynn October 4, 2016

Nevelle Viracocha has a voice that sounds like (but doesn’t emulate) André 3000, as in when he raps, he has a drawl similar to Three Stacks. That probably has to do with where he was born — in the deep South in a small town in Alabama.

But his flows and overall sound aren’t confined to the region, and that probably has to do with a worldwide outlook from living in army bases in Europe and Asia being the son of someone in the army.

His new song, “DIRRTY GAME,” reflects those varying flows and attitudes as he spits over an energetic and enthralling beat from Nikki D. “Eyes on the road, I can’t make no mistake/won’t break the rules, ’cause I know how they play,” he raps on the song, which will land on his Viracocha’s Eff/Pee/Ohh project dropping Friday.

The project stands for “for promo only,” and the themes of understanding the art of hustling in both life and the music world from “DIRRTY GAME” tie into the album title nicely.

Listen to the single below.

Viracocha also dropped a video for a new song, “ON ME,” which will also appear on his EP coming out this week.