Life Comes At You Fast: French Montana Cancels ‘MC4’

blame it on Meka October 6, 2016

To say that French Montana has bad luck when it comes to releasing albums is a severe understatement.

His first major label album, Excuse My French, was pushed back for nearly a year after its hit single “Pop That” came out. And while “Pop That” would go platinum, French’s other singles — “Freaks” and “Ain’t Worried About Nothin'” — failed to match its success, and Excuse My French sold under 200,000 copies.

Undeterred, French began work on its follow-up, MC4. The fourth installment of his Mac & Cheese mixtape series, the project was set up to be another star-studded affair: Kanye West and Nas, Drake, A$AP Rocky, Beanie Sigel and a host of others. Unfortunately, the album — which was originally supposed to drop August 19th — would be “delayed” due to sample clearance issues, and thanks to Target it caught a case of the leaks.

Now, French has revealed in an interview to Complex that he has scrapped MC4 altogether. He explains that the factors that set back MC4 were the reasons he canceled it:

“Songs like ‘I’m Heated’ and ‘Two Times’ couldn’t be cleared. By the time I got the mix how I recorded it, it wasn’t the same. I just ain’t have the same feeling for it. Everybody had to replay shit, and do all this extra shit, so I wasn’t in the mood to put it together. All the music going to come out, you know what I’m saying, just packaged differently. Plus, the album got leaked.”

French did announce that he is “70%” done with a new album.

In the interview he also spoke on Max B’s updated legal situation (he also may release vaulted music with him and Max in the near future), as well as his thoughts on an Islamophobic like Donald Trump becoming President.

“The leader of this country should promote everything with positivity. I mean, I don’t feel like everything he’s doing is bad—sometimes you gotta make certain choices that are going to help the country as a whole. But not these extreme measures that he’s doing, not stopping a whole race. I feel like anyone with some common sense [can see that] he’s hiding a lotta things that he will do if he do get in that position. It’s just like the tip of the iceberg he’s showing people.

“I feel like Trump made [his campaign] bigger than what anybody thought, and that comes from him being a businessman. He used to selling Trump penthouses; he know how to negotiate. It’s good to manipulate, if you have positive thoughts. When you manipulate something and you have a dark heart, it’ll reflect on the country as a whole.”

The entire thing can be read here.