Vince Staples Responds To Woman Upset Over “Norf Norf” Lyrics

blame it on Meka October 6, 2016

Earlier this week, a song from Vince StaplesSummertime ’06, “Norf Norf,” made headlines as a conservative, Christian, white mother took to YouTube upon hearing it on the radio for the very first time to criticize the song.

Her video ended up going viral, primarily because it came from a conservative, Christian, white mother who simply denounced the song without realizing that the song actually depicts the reality of a young Black man who grew up in the rough part of North Long Beach. After numerous online responses — and a brief cameo on Comedy Central’s @midnight — Vince responded to the video in an interview with The Independent.

“I don’t really have much to say about the video — I don’t think it’s funny at all,” Staples replied on Wednesday (October 5th). “It’s not right to attack someone over their stance, their opinions, and their religion. I think that’s very immature.

“We already have a lot of issues between black and white relations in this country based on misunderstandings. In my eyes, she doesn’t look like a racist. She doesn’t look like a mean person. But it’s not very responsible for people to try to take that and jump, looking for some sort of commentary on these issues [in the community].”

As a bonus, an enterprising Internets type took the woman’s “recital” and blended it with the actual “Norf Norf” instrumental…