Dr. Dre Files Cease & Desist Order Over Upcoming Michel’le Biopic

blame it on 2DBZ October 9, 2016

Just weeks after an announcement was made that Lifetime is set to air a “biopic” on Death Row Records/Ruthless Records R&B singer Michel’le, it’s being reported that Dr. Dre (who himself was hit with a lawsuit, alongside Snoop Doog & Suge Knight over their 1993 hit “Ain’t No Fun”) has threatened legal action over the upcoming film.

According to, you guessed it, TMZ, Dre and his legal team have filed a cease and desist letter, advising Sony Pictures to reconsider airing the proposed picture, Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le, which seem to paint Dre in a negative light as a “woman beater.”

A portion of the cease and desist letter filed states that Dre and Michel’le dated nearly 30 years ago, and “never hinted at abuse or any type of violent behavior on his part.”

We’ll update this story as more info comes along.