Russ – “Overdue”

blame it on Patrick Glynn October 10, 2016

Russ is starting a 33-city North American tour this weekend, and I believe this is his third tour this year. He’s traveled all over the country and Europe, and mind you, the Atlanta native had never toured before 2016 started.


He reflects on the newfound lifestyle — and how it should’ve came years ago — on his new song, “Overdue.”

In an interview I conducted with Russ at the beginning of the year, he told me, “I got this whole thing very mapped out,” but he wouldn’t get into detail about what “this whole thing” was in order to “keep the mystique up.” Well, world tours, songs on the radio and 110,000 plays on a song in a day were a part of that plan, he’s certainly accomplished it.

Listen to “Overdue” below.