Dom McLennon – “Mentality”

blame it on Patrick Glynn October 12, 2016

Dom McLennon is a member of the boy band Brockhampton, who dropped their All-American Trash mixtape earlier this year. Outside of that, McLennon has sparsely released a new song every three months or so — most recently, “Mentality,” which features fellow Connecticut native Chad Browne-Springer.

The song isn’t so much about a crumbling mental state but rather the mentality he has when trying to maintain relationships. It seems that once McLennon — enhanced by Browne-Springer’s hook — has a relationship fall apart, he’s at an impasse knowing he’s handling the situation wrong, looking for ways to improve only for the results not to come, which sets him back.

Listen to the song, produced by himself and Wrex Mason, below.