You NEVER Want To Eat Some Of The Food Prodigy Ate While In Prison…

blame it on Meka October 12, 2016

“What was the worst meal you’ve ever eaten?” Earlier today, I proposed this question to some of the DopeHouse purveyors, and this was what they came up with:

“In Israel. Hole in the wall. Literally a blown up hole in the wall. Was spreading what looked like cream cheese on a piece of bread. Killing it. Then, found out it was ‘chicken liver and chicken brain patté.'”

“Breakfast at an outpost in Afghanistan. It was literally a couple of stale pieces of sweet cornbread, scrambled eggs from a carton, potatoes from an MRE pouch, powdered sports drink (from an MRE), and a ton of turkey bacon.”

“When I was four, my parents forced me to finish a salad, and they wouldn’t let me get up until I did. Then once I finally ate it two hours later, I threw up.”

“Sushi. I had it for the very first time at some terrible buffet in Los Angeles, and ended up the hospital with food poisoning three days before I started the 11th grade.”

All of that still doesn’t compare to what Prodigy had to eat while locked up.

Releasing his second book, Commissary Kitchen: My Infamous Prison Cookbook, P sat down with HNHH to speak on some of the culinary choices he had to choke down while serving his bid from 2007 to 2011. Pubic pudding, juice “seasoned” with a dirty rag and much more were among the many revolting things on the menu…

As a bonus, P was a special guest on VICE’s Munchies, where he cooked up some BBQ salmon.