Carmine – “A Cam’ron Song”

blame it on Patrick Glynn October 13, 2016

Is pink fur forever going to be synonomous with Cam’Rom? Like, in fashion books hundreds of years for now in the “fashion of the turn of the millenium” section, will Cam’Ron’s body — pink fur wrapped around it with a cell phone to his head — be on the first page of the chapter? Becaue it should.

Anyway, Texas rapper Carmine offers somewhat of a tribute to the Dipset emcee with his new tune, “A Cam’Ron Song.” It’s moreso a song that sounds like a CaM’Ron song, with its blaring soul samples ala Kanye West’s, rather than a song about Cam’Ron, but Killa Cam comes up multiple times in the four minutes as Carmine dissects love and a relationship.

Listen to the Deadlex-produced “A Cam’Ron Song” below.