You May Have Missed A Preview Of New Childish Gambino Music On This ‘Atlanta’ Promo

blame it on Meka October 13, 2016

Donald Glover (or Childish Gambino, depending on the time of day), has a bonafide hit on his hands with his FX series Atlanta. Already given the green light for a second season, the show is mixture of dark humor, social commentary and seemingly random non sequiturs that in turn has made it one of the most critically acclaimed new shows of the Fall 2016 season.

Episode 7, titled “B.A.N,” was a prime example of all three. In between the Charlie Rose-type talk show, Montague, were commercials that were equal parts side-splitting — the phrase “Nutella sandwich and green juice” will forever remain in my lexicon from here on out — and timely: one moment, I’m tearing up at the “ads” about pre-dumped Swishers and corner stores raising the prices on 99¢ Arizona cans to $1.49 (“The price is on the can, though”), the next I’m cringing at the blunt honesty of police brutality via perhaps the wokest cereal commercial in the history of ever:

Betwixt all of that, however, was a brief promo ad for the show, titled “Momma,” which played a brief snippet of an unreleased song from Donald Glover.

As Genius pointed out, Glover has performed the song — called “Me and Your Momma” — as early as 2015 during his Bonnaroo performance.

Following his PHAROS event, Donald hasn’t really revealed much in regards to his musical side. But with the success of Atlanta it may be a while before that ever happens. But fans should expect more bits and pieces throughout the show’s first season.