Life Comes At You Fast: Azealia Banks Won’t Be Signing To RZA

blame it on Meka October 19, 2016

Well, that escalated quickly.

Just a few days after Azealia Banks excitedly revealed that she would be signing a deal with the RZA, an incident between Banks, Steelz and actor Russell Crowe of all people effectively ended that union.

Bastion of hip hop journalism, TMZ, is reporting that Banks (as RZA’s guest) attended a party of Crowe’s, where she made a joke that didn’t fly over well.

This is when things just get wacky.

According to Azealia, Crowe took offense to the joke and apparently attacked her, during which he choked and spat on her while calling her racial slurs before throwing her out of the party. Meanwhile, Russell is claiming that Azealia was the one who spazzed, even threatening to violently harm some of the other guests.

Ultimately, Azealia feels that RZA did not have her back during the fracas, which led to the dissolution of their deal together. She also plans to press criminal charges against Crowe.

TMZ caught up with Banks, and she had some choice words for every member involved.

And it was all good just a week ago. Literally.