Kehlani Joins Ambré Perkins On “No Service In The Hills”

blame it on Patrick Glynn October 20, 2016

Ambré Perkins is a rapper/singer from New Orleans. She dropped an EP called 2090’S earlier this year, and today she returns with Kehlani for her first release since then with “No Service In The Hills.”

They’ve previously linked on a song called “Preach” — also produced by Erick Bardales — about a year ago.

“No Service In The Hills” has the two artists ditching their phones and riding out their success with the ones who’ve been close to them since day one. It reminds me a little bit thematically of Dreezy and Gucci Mane’s “We Gon Ride.”

“The song obviously can be interpreted many different ways,” Ambré began telling The FADER, who premiered the single. “But for me, when I was writing I was thinking about friendship, loyalty, and the journey in following my dreams. A lot of times we think too far ahead into the future and dont appreciate how far we’ve gotten. So this song is about that. And family. And friends. And being down for your people no matter what happens or who has anything to say about it.”

Block out the world with Ambré and Kehlani below.