Vince Staples Explains His Writing Process — Or Lack Of One — To Vogue

blame it on Patrick Glynn October 20, 2016

I remember when Vince Staples was premiering Prima Donna on Beats 1, he talked to Zane Lowe about the process of making the album.

He explained that he really doesn’t put too much emphasis on beat selection — if he likes it, he likes it — and the only thing he focuses on is writing the lyrics. Everything else is up to the producers, engineers and everyone else in the studio to make sure the words sound right over the beat.

He delved into his songwriting process a little more with Vogue while attending the FYF Festival in California, but it really doesn’t go much deeper than what he told Lowe.

“The ideas for songs usually just happen,” he said. “My process is probably just write them when you feel like it, and don’t try to force anything.”

He continued: “They say, ‘what’s your process?’ I don’t have a process. I write the song down on a piece of paper.”

Watch the short interview below.