Deniro Farrar – “Dreams” (Video)

blame it on Shake October 25, 2016

His name might not be headlining festivals over the summer or ringing bells in every musical circle, but Deniro Farrar has been delivering some of the best music and visuals of the past couple years.

There’s something special about the fact that anytime something new from Farrar arrives, you know, without a doubt, he put everything he has into it. The man’s passion and drive is quite admirable, and that’s exactly why he’ll always be an artist we root for here at the DopeHouse.

Today, the Charlotte, NC native is continuing his #FreeTuneTuesdays series with the release of his new video, “Dreams.”

Starting off with a collect call between Deniro and his brother Antonio “Tune” Farrar, who was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to at least 18-years after rejecting his claim of self-defense three years ago, the James Rico-directed film tells the tale of a young man’s dreams being ripped away from him as a result of making a few bad decisions in life.

“[‘Dreams’] was my way of raising awareness on how easy it is to throw your life away while also showing how making the right choices is critical,” Farrar told Mass Appeal. “Sad to say that every day men and women all over the world have dreams that they never make reality because of bad choices. Hopefully this video will help to prevent that from becoming another young man or woman’s reality.”

Watch “Dreams” below and be on the lookout for Deniro’s forthcoming Red Book project.