Case Arnold Releases Debut Album, ‘SO(U)L Theory’

blame it on Patrick Glynn October 31, 2016

Clarksville, Tenn., native Case Arnold has hung around the DopeHouse for years — often with his friend and citymate Tim Gent.

While Gent has dropped a couple projects over the last year, Case has taken a little extra time to curate his debut album since first dropping music a couple years ago.

Led by three singles, “Love Found,” “Psychonaut” and “Strange Places,” Arnold has released SO(U)L Theory. It spans 15 songs and has two features — Tim Gent (“Know Us“) and Drisana DeSpain — with production from frequent collaborators Free P, HD and Gourmet Grooves.

“The album represents the spiritual battle I was facing while making it the past few years,” he told us in a press email. “It’s a direct reflection of the state of mind I was in at the time. The overall concept comes from something I came up with when I was younger: If you remove “U” from SOUL, you’re Shit Out of Luck, and that concept started making its way back into my life as I was creating the project. The main themes really stem from battling to remain yourself in negative life situations, the journey of self-discovery, the idea of soul mates, and the process of trying to remain consistent.

“As far as actually making the music, all of the production, features, mixing, and mastering all came from local family, except for one beat that the homie Shepard in New York contributed. But the album really is a family affair. No huge outside features or production. All organic from the hometown, which is how I wanted it. I’m extremely proud of the result and hype for people to hear it.”

Stream SO(U)L Theory below, and support Case Arnold via iTunes.