Chance the Rapper Teases Feature Film Debut In ‘Slice’ Trailer

blame it on Patrick Glynn November 1, 2016

We’ve seen Chance the Rapper cast himself as Chance the Actor in various visuals over his career thus far. There’s the Kit Kat commercial, and there’s also the short film Mr. Happy directed by Colin Tilley, who’s shot videos for Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne and others.

Next year, Chance will star in his first feature-length film. It’s called Smile, and it’s directed by Austin Vesely, who’s shot tons of videos for Chance, The Social Experiment and other Chicago artists, including “Sunday Candy” and “Angels.”

In an interview with Chicago’s RedEye last year, Vesely detailed the movie’s plot and inspirations. It was shot in Chicago this summer.

“[Chance] is actually a werewolf who is a former Chinese food delivery driver,” Vesely said. “Basically, these murders start happening and they hearken back to an incident that happened with him years before, and they arouse the town’s suspicions.”

Chance took to Twitter to tease for the film, which is produced by A24. It briefly features Chance on a motorcycle before the screen cuts to black and the bike speed away. Watch the teaser below.