And Now, DJ Khaled Has A Book Coming Out: ‘The Keys’

blame it on Meka November 2, 2016

Hip hop memoirs, novels, autobiographies, fan-fiction erotica and the like are as commonplace in the genre as expensive and gaudy jewelry. JAY Z broke down some of his lyrics once (Decoded), while Pharrell gave readers a peek inside his head (Places And Spaces I’ve Been). The RZA released a pair of philosophical books (The Wu-Tang Manual, The Tao of Wu) and 50 Cent dropped his take on The 48 Laws of Power (The 50th Law).

Most recently, Lil Wayne — in all his “racism doesn’t exist because I’m rich” glory — released Gone Til November, a tale of his exploits in prison. Now, DJ Khaled aims to motivate his fans with his upcoming book, The Keys.


The one time Lyft driver will release a book that “They don’t want you to read” on November 22nd reveals his major keys to success. With chapter titles like “Secure The Bag,” “Don’t Ever Play Yourself” and “Keep Two Rooms Cooking At The Same Time,” he’s unveiled the first chapter of the book (via its publisher, Random House) titled “Stay Away from They.”

There’s actually some pretty great moments in there, some of which are highlighted below.

People ask me how “they” become that way. I tell them—hate makes you “they.” Back in the day I used to just call “they” haters, but I realized after a while that I had to change that word out of necessity. “They” are sneakier than that—“they” take all forms. For some it will be immediately apparent that there’s hate in their hearts, but others have a disguise.

So how do you make sure you do all the things that “they” don’t want you to? Take out the trash. Rid yourself of all the “they.” As soon as “they” show you their true colors, act fast and cut them loose. It’s like breaking a hit record or making a new announcement—timing is everything. And the time is always now.

The point is, some people can’t elevate their vision because they don’t want to progress in the pursuit of prosperity. Instead of being inspired to new heights, they want to drag you down to their level. So just be straight up. Tell them it’s time to part ways. It’s not just a matter of cutting them off, it’s that they’re cutting themselves off. It happens all the time. Do it quickly and clearly. I just tell them, “Yo, don’t ever walk into my house with any negative energy in your life.” I don’t care who it is or where we are. If there’s a room, I’m out or “they” out. Period. My people know this.

Joy is an all-body experience that touches your soul. Some people think they have joy now, and they might be happy, but what I’m talking about is really special. True joy. You’re going to be so much better once you stay away from “they.” You’ll feel like you’re living a whole new life, a life free of hate, doubt, envy, and trash vibes, and let me be the one to tell you that that’s when you can start winning. Major key: The ungrateful and jealous “they”s are the most dangerous “they”s out there.

The book can be pre-ordered now.