Young Thug’s Next Album Will Be “Ten Times Harder” Than ‘JEFFERY’

blame it on Patrick Glynn November 2, 2016

Young Thug’s had himself quite the last two years. He’s dropped six projects, including all three Slime Season mixtapes, I’m Up, Barter 6 and JEFFERY, the latter which is probably his most experimental work yet.

And all of these have come before his official (whatever that means nowadays) debut album, HY!£UN35. His buzz has never been bigger, and his work ethic hasn’t changed, so we can expect another Thugger project in the next couple months, whether that’s HY!£UN35 or another project.

Whatever it is, though, it’ll be “ten times harder” than JEFFREY, according to a new interview in V Magazine with Young Thug.

“It’ll probably be fucking ten times harder than JEFFERY,” he told the magazine. “Like this one was kind of Jeffery, but it was still kind of street. This one is gonna be just fully Jeffery.”

He also talked to the magazine about choosing to wear a dress on the JEFFERY album cover, his name change and more. Read the full interview here, and check snippets from the profile below.

On his name change from Young Thug to Jeffery, his born name:

“It was a recent decision. I don’t plan anything. … [With Young Thug] I learned that there’s nothing you can’t do, that it’s cool to change.”

On the message he’s trying to send wearing a dress on his JEFFERY album cover, which was inspired by Mortal Kombat:

“Stop believing in genders.”

Naming songs on JEFFERY after other artists:

“I feel like a lot of artists today aren’t that honest, and I just want to be honest. The names of the songs were really who I was thinking about when I was making them, or who encouraged me to make them. So it was really a moment of honesty for me. To the world it may be greatness, but to me it’s just honest.”