Beyoncé Performs “Daddy Lessons” With The Dixie Chicks At The CMAs

blame it on Patrick Glynn November 3, 2016

There was a bit of an uproar on racist Twitter yesterday when people realized Beyoncé would be performing at the CMAs — the Country Music Awards. Not knowing Yoncé released an incredible country/folk song, “Daddy Lessons,” on her album LEMONADE, people probably assumed “Formation” Beyoncé was showing up, and I do declare their jimmies probably got a bit rustled.

Once Beyoncé finally hit the stage, she did so with the Dixie Chicks — a legendary all-female band in the country world who are openly vocal about the same things Beyoncé is, like female empowerment and equality.

The result was version of “Daddy Lessons” pushed even further into the country genre, the harmonies even more layered and the “Yeehaw”s running wild.

Listen to the studio version of the song and watch the performance below. Head to the Dixie Chicks’ website to download the song. (I promise, this is probably the last time 2DopeBoyz will direct you to the Dixie Chicks’ website.)