What Would Mac Miller’s Superpower Be?

blame it on Patrick Glynn November 3, 2016

Mass Appeal has a ton of unique series, highlighted by the Rhythm Roulette challenge. They’ve also got Time Alone, where artists interview themselves, and SUPER, which asks artists what kind of superhero they’d be and what their superpowers would be like.

Mac Miller has now taken part in the latter two, introducing his superhero persona: What?

Just “What?” With the question mark.

What? would have a onesie with a cape (but not too long) with reflectors inside of it. He’s a “simple super hero,” and he’s constantly levitating, but he can’t fly. He can go underground and soak up nutrient the trees use to learn what’s going on with the world. He can also pull things out of the sky — like clouds — and use them as weapons (or things to juggle with).

And you’ll never guess his sidekick.

“‘Why?’ is also a superhero. She fine. She’s dressed in yellow.”

His nemesis?

Who?, the owl.

This is clearly not the first time Mac Miller has thought about what kind of superhero he would be. LSD is a helluva drug.