Christopher Lakes – Gold Chains Big Dreams (EP)

blame it on JES7 November 6, 2016

Virginia’s Christopher Lakes shares an impassioned message that comes attached with his new EP, Gold Chains Big Dreams. Says Lakes:

This project means the most to me because I’ve been contemplating releasing my music due to possible judgment , I’ve been working on this project along with more music for over 2 years now and have been nervous as to who would like it the whole process ! Working a full-time job and staying dedicated to my passion of making music has been a challenge but I never lose sight of my overall goal which is to put myself in a position to buy my mom a house and see her retire . I love my music because it has a meaning and a message , along with great tunes . You will here my story and my journey in every song I produce because I want my fans to have someone or something or a situation to relate to ! I make music for the dreamers , I want to inspire someone and spark an idea in someone through my music , even if I only have one fan I’ve accomplished my goal!