Jalen Santoy – “Off The Glass”

blame it on Patrick Glynn November 9, 2016

My friend sent me Jalen Santoy’s “Foreplay” the other day. It’s been out for a year, and it’s gained millions of plays, but it missed my ears. My first turn through the song, I was surprised to learn J. Cole renamed himself Jalen Santoy. But the song had a catchiness to it, and that saxophone at the beginning sounded so damn familiar, I listened to it ton to try and figure out what it sounded like. I never found out.

After riding the yearlong wave of the single, Santoy will release a new project, the Charlie Eastern EP.

His new song, “Off The Glass,” trends away from the melodic nature of “Foreplay” and presents a confident Santoy, essentially saying the only way he can succeed is with the help of himself.

Stream “Off The Glass” below, and pre-order Charlie Eastern on iTunes.