Kendrick Lamar & Shaq Star In American Express Commercial

blame it on Patrick Glynn November 10, 2016

American Express is running a campaign called Shop Small, where they’re promoting higher credit card rewards when you shop at small businesses around the world.

The credit card company called on Kendrick Lamar and Shaquille O’Neal to demonstrate the initiative.

The pair head to Soaptopia in Los Angeles to pick out some of their favorite soap. While Kendrick is partial to Peek-A-Boo Blossom and Shaq prefers the La-La-Lavender bar, it turns out they’ve each got their own soap: The LUSCIOUS Lamar Bar and Shea Butter Shaq.

(P.S. I think American Express wanted to show the range of how big and small Americans could be with this commercial. How many bars of soap does Shaq need to clean his right arm every month?)

Watch all three commercials below, and if you’ve got American Express, head to their website to learn more about shopping small.