Mac Miller Helps Musicians Get Depressed For The Sake Of Better Music With “DreadLexa”

blame it on Patrick Glynn November 15, 2016

There are people in the world who think artists make better art (or ONLY make good art) when they aren’t as happy — we’ve all made jokes about it. (You know, like how a breakup would do Future well.)

Well, for those who think depression is a good thing to have to combat “chronic happiness” in the art world, Mac Miller is — jokingly — here to help.

Joining with Funny or Die, Mac introduces DreadLexa — “the first prescription depressant created for musicians designed to drag you back into that dark creative space you fear and need to create music people respect.”

“I was worried than my newfound happiness would never end,” Miller confessed. “Now with a simple pill, I can get back to isolating the people I love and rapping about my insecurities.”

Watch the faux commercial below.