Drake, Dave Chappelle & Steph Curry Get Freaked Out By David Blaine

blame it on Meka November 16, 2016

Seriously, this man is not of the Earth.

David Blaine’s latest television special, Beyond Magic, aired last night (November 15th) on ABC. It’ the usual affair/spectacle of Blaine doing some of the wildest things imaginable under the guise of “magic,” and utterly terrorizing and/or freaking out celebrities in the process.

Most of us are used to seeing the things the self-proclaimed “endurance artist” (he doesn’t call himself a magician, and let’s be honest: most of the things he does aren’t magic, they’re insane and “I don’t know how he’s not dead yet” stunts) has done, and yet we continue to watch his exploits because… well… how is he not dead from any of this stuff? Eating glass and breathing underwater for nearly 20 minutes is one thing, but some of the stuff he did on Beyond Magic?

Alongside swallowing then regurgitating the rings of Margot Robbie, Emma Stone and David Beckham… with the help of a wire hanger, he then turned his body into what he called a “human aquarium,” spitting out live frogs in front of Dave Chappelle, Drake and Steph Curry.

Oh, and then he caught a bullet with his teeth, like he was Bruce Leroy in The Last Dragon.

The entire thing is too much to describe, so an enterprising type actually put the entire special up. Watch it below, or just catch it on On-Demand.