KXNG CROOKED Talks Good Vs Evil, Trumpocalypse On CNN

blame it on Shake November 16, 2016

Last week, in the midst of A Tribe Called Quest and Dave Chappelle‘s weekend takeover, KXNG Crooked released one of the best albums of the year in Good Vs. Evil.

A concept album through and through, Good Vs. Evil takes place in an alternate reality where the nation is torn apart and left to suffer at the hands of a violent and divisive leader known as The Puppet Master.

“I took all my anger and disappointment in current events and transformed it into art,” Crook shared on Instagram. “I designed an alternate reality where politicians are puppets controlled by ‘The Puppet Master’ and police are A.I. robots programmed to kill lower class citizens. Sounds familiar but in this Planet X reality the poor citizens create a movement and shoot back.”

The album — which features contributions from Eminem, Just Blaze, RZA, and more — has been making its rounds, eventually ending up in the hands of Deena Zaru at CNN who reached out to Crook to get his thoughts on Trump being elected and the nightmarish idea of his fictional story becoming reality.

“Now that Trump sits in one of the most powerful seats, probably the most powerful seat in the world, it’s scary how this album could in four years be some sort of a prophecy,” Crooked told CNN. “I don’t want to see the future that I’m predicting on that album. I don’t want to see politicians afraid to come out in public to run for office because they’re getting shot down. I don’t want to see police murdered in the street because the law and order candidate said it’s alright to come out and kill unarmed minorities.”

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As a bonus, Crooked also shared a lyric video for “Song” from his Valley Of The KXNGS EP (which is included on the deluxe edition of Good Vs. Evil).