Silent Knight – See You In Hell (EP)

blame it on JES7 November 20, 2016

A day after America took a nose dive following the election of our next POTUS, Donald Trump, effectlively invoking a Trumpocalypse, Silent Knight revealing the ten songs that made the cut for his next EP which bears the fitting title, See You In Hell.

According to SK, fans have been clamoring for new music from the New Jersey-based rapper, putting the choices to a vote (see the connections?). As he states in the press release: “I think it’s fitting that I listen to the “popular vote” (smh) and make it happen. I know a lot us are grieving and some of us are already plotting and planning. I’m with it. I see yall. And I’m here with yall. If this project helps some people feel less alone, or at the least is a distraction or some type of help, I’m thankful. I’m honored to be a vessel for any and all of that.”

Stream See You In Hell, with production from Audible Doctor and J57, plus features from Cairo and Grammy-winning vocalist, Drue Davis below.