Drake Works Out To Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” In Apple Music Commercial

blame it on Patrick Glynn November 21, 2016


I just got to South Carolina to see some family after a weekend of watching the Gators, Giants, Knicks and all my fantasy football teams win.

This weekend has been pristine and impeccable. I’ve listened to A Tribe Called Quest’s new album multiple times while driving around the Southeastern U.S., and I’ve listened to Kevin Abstract’s album, too. I’m also determined to be a fan of Britpop band Oasis, for reasons I’m still not sure, but I’m having trouble doing that after listening to (What’s The Story) Morning Glory.

I got on the computer Sunday night to catch up on the weekend, because it’s nice to not worry about what’s going on in the music world sometimes — especially given that this week might* be a bit slower than others given it’s a holiday week.

(*it won’t be)

Kanye yelled at Jay Z and Beyoncé continuing a string of off-the-wall rants at Sant Pablo shows. Future dropped new music. ATCQ officially secured the No. 1 album in the country. This is all predictable or good or wonderful news (I’ll let you assign the adjectives to the bits of news), but it’s not annoying news, per say.

And then the American Music Awards happened. And then a new Apple Music commercial happened.

A couple months ago, Taylor Swift — an Apple Music representative — starred in a commercial for the streaming service rapping along to Drake and Future’s “Jumpman” while running on a treadmill. She fell after getting into the song, because haha Taylor Swift is so relatable.

Sunday night during the AMAs, Drake — another Apple Music representative — returned the volley in another commercial singing along to Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood.” He couldn’t push a final rep of bench press up after getting too into the song, because haha Drake is so relatable also.

And it helps that these two are (rumored to be) dating, because awwwwww they’re singing along to each other’s music, and that’s (somehow) relatable, too.

I don’t know why I wrote more than usual about a Drake and Taylor Swift commercial, but I’m a little tired and we’ve got plenty of stuff coming this week, like an album from The Weeknd and a mixtape from YG, so I guess I’m just hoping this is the dose of fuckery — or at least the large portion of it — we’re getting from this week, and we’re getting it out of the way early.