VNCHY – “Black Diablo”

blame it on Patrick Glynn November 21, 2016

Canadian artist VNCHY is dropping a project called EMINENT: 002A_0316 (that will always and always have to be copy/pasted) sometime soon. He follows the album’s first single, “Unpredictable,” with an song diving further into his confident and menacing persona, “Black Diablo.”

“’Black Diablo’ is my mission statement” VNCHY said in a press email. “An acceptance of weak s*it has deeply embedded itself in the zeitgeist. A considerable amount of damage has been dealt not only to the world of reasoning but [the] execution as well. Fighting the power has become a cliché, which has opened the door for an abundance of mediocrity. But I’ve dedicated my entire life to fighting the power.”

Listen to the Arthur McArthur-produced single below.