Russ Talks Fakeness In The Rap Industry While Breaking Down “What They Want” Lyrics

blame it on Patrick Glynn November 23, 2016

Russ has got to be nearing 500 songs out somewhere on the Internet — and at least 200 of those have to be floating across SoundCloud. (He has 11 mixtapes out there before he started dropping a song a day.

The biggest one of them all, “What They Want,” is No. 8 on the Rhythmic radio chart, and the Atlanta native stopped by Genius’ New York offices to break down the song.

He calls out several types of people, whether they’re groupies or people who talk to him now that he’s successful, but he also points out how the music industry tries to take advantage of him.

“The industry be thinking rappers are retarded,” he said. Russ points out how they try and tell them how to build a fan base, when the only reason he’s there is because he was able to build a massive fan base on his own.