Clipse Reunite!… Well, Sort Of… To Talk ‘Hell Hath No Fury,’ Possibilities Of A New LP

blame it on Meka November 30, 2016

Near the top of 2016, Pusha T confirmed what many diehard Clipse fans had known but secretly wished wasn’t true: that his musical relationship with his brother, No Malice, had come to an end following their third album Til The Casket Drops in 2009. Prior to the release of that album, their then-manager Anthony “Geezy” Gonzalez would be arrested and indicted on multiple counts of drug trafficking. Ultimately, No Malice would convert to Christianity and has refrained from performing the music from his past since, while Pusha would embark on a successful solo career.

With their seminal sophomore album, Hell Hath No Fury, turning 10 years old on November 28th, the two sit down with GQ Magazine to speak on that project, and the drama that would shape what many consider to be their best album.

“Angst, anger and ego fueled that album,” Pusha remembers, as tracks like “Ma, I Don’t Love Her” and “When The Last Time” were eschewed for tracks with a much darker edge like “Keys Open Doors” and “Nightmares.” “We were egomaniacs. We felt wronged by the music industry.”

No Malice remembers the moments that would lead him down his new path as well. “I can even say as recent as a month ago, listening to Hell Hath No Fury, there are things that are still being revealed about the mindset and the place I was at the time. I can even see how it has led me to where I am today. I’m speaking for me personally, I didn’t set out for it to be regretful, but I was dealing with regrets, I was dealing with remorse. As far as the celebrating, I think we always found something to be thankful for and knew that things could be worse. There was a lot of pain in dealing with that album.”

While King Push has enjoyed the fruits of going solo, he admits that it isn’t what he wants. “I came into this game with my brother and my best friend and that’s it, and now, I’m making music with good friends, but not the people I came in with. I’m not with my brother. Every aspect of what I love about this has been yanked away in some way shape or form. I don’t have the fun of like really making music with like my best friends who live up the street from me.”

However, the brothers have not left the door entirely closed on a new Clipse album. “Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I know we can do it,” No Malice says. When I tell Pusha several weeks later, he agrees, adding it would be up to his brother. It would be an amazing album,” Pusha says. “We could totally conquer the world.”

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