Snoop Dogg Offers Wise Words To Colin Kaepernick On ‘UNDISPUTED’

blame it on Patrick Glynn November 30, 2016

After 2 Chainz appeared on FOX Sports 1’s UNDISPUTED — Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe’s new debate show — yesterday, Snoop Dogg stopped by the show to talk about the Steelers, Lakers and his hometown football team, the Los Angeles Rams. (He said the most mediocre coach of all time, Jeff Fisher, needs to get out of town.)

Snoop, Shannon and Skip talked about Colin Kaepernick, who Snoop says he respects because of the conversation Kaepernick has brought to the subject of police brutality. He also said, though, it’s hard for Kaepernick to both play football and lead a revolution in America. Snoop also mentioned that Kaepernick dove into this alone, when he should’ve had a team and been more prepared with a plan moving forward.

“If he had a team, they would tell him, You can’t say this, this is what you need to say — it’s preparation,” Snoop said. “He’s not a quarterback that’s just running out there calling what he wants. He has to prepare, he gets the plays, he gets the tape, he watches. That’s what happens when you become a revolutionary. You have a play that you’re going to run — it’s not just running out there.”

Watch the Kaepernick and other segments below.