Young M.A Goes Off For Six Minutes On Her New Freestyle, “Eat”

blame it on Patrick Glynn December 2, 2016

Jesus dear Lord if you didn’t know Young M.A could rap, here’s “Eat.”

The Brooklyn native’s newest song addresses her doubters, namely those who try and use her sexuality as a negative. But just as she’s done since splashing on the scene with “OOOUUU” (and long before that), she points out it’s just something guys use as a reason she has the girls they want.

“The more fame, the more problems, man, believe me. But I ain’t going nowhere, n*gga, they need me. I eat this hatin’ shit for breakfast, ah, they feed me. To beat me is like climbing mountains, the Three Peaks,” she rattles off amidst her six-minute onslaught.

She wraps up the show with: “They don’t understand controversy made me hot, so how the fuck you think the haters gonna make me stop?”

Grab a plate and get to eating below.