Charles Hamilton Announces Release Date For New Album, ‘Hamilton, Charles’ In Reddit AMA

blame it on JES7 December 4, 2016

Charles Hamilton is set to close out the year with a brand new album titled Hamilton, Charles.

The recluse rapper, who released his last mixtape, Loud and Wrong at the top of 2016 revealed in a Reddit AMA that the new project would arrive on Dec. 9th.

We’ve scoured the AMA (held on r/HipHopHeads) and compiled a few of the more interesting questions and answers below.

Before you read through the Q&A, we strongly recommend you check out Red Bull TV’s documentary on Charles titled Let It Play…Faultlines, which takes an intimate look into the rapper’s life, including how he dealt with the death of his mother, who sadly passed away on a vacation cruise the two took together. Check out the documentary preview below, then head here for the entire thing.

What happened to All City Chess Club? Do you guys still keep in contact?

We just couldn’t pull it together. And I haven’t spoken to really any of them since 2010. Except for Lupe, of whom I went on tour with.

I really enjoyed Pink Lavalamp and Well Isn’t This Awkward and I am really looking [forward to] your new tape this month. I just wanted to know, was there any artist/albums that has influenced or inspired you for this project? And also what is your favorite hip hop album of 2016?

This album was somewhat inspired by The Cure.

Will there be a tour after Hamilton, Charles?

It’s in the works.

In your personal opinion, what song do you think you have the best bars?

I personally went IN on the entire album.

Two quick questions. You said in your doc that the reason The Pink Lavalamp (which is fuckin phenomenal) didn’t get released was due to the fact you wouldn’t put “Brooklyn Girls” on it. Why were you vehement about that? It’s not like you made some sort of sell out song that was something to be ashamed of. Does Interscope own the rights to that project?

“Brooklyn Girls” was more of a parody track than a serious record. I didn’t feel like it fit the vintage, neo-soul sound and style of The Pink Lavalamp. Interscope doesn’t own the rights to TPL. And sure, I’ll do a show in LA.

Are you still able to freestyle for more than 20 minutes straight?


Who’s the last rapper whose line or verse made you stank face?

Crooked I.

What was your main encouragement to return to the rap scene even through all of the trials and tribulations?

Knowing that there was a possibility that there were people listening.

Who are the younger cats that you fuck with?

Childish, Chance, Drake, Big Sean, Cole…

Do you feel bothered when people only talk about The Pink Lavalamp?

It does get on my nerves.

Who is the one artist (dead or alive) from another genre you would love to collaborate with?

Probably Rick Ruben.

What was your highest point you experienced in your career? What was the lowest point you felt so far?

The highest point so far has been working with Eminem. The lowest point was being locked in a mental hospital.

Yo Charles! Who’s you’re top 5 current rappers?

I haven’t been listening to current rappers.

What is your writing method?

It’s based on the context of the original sample

I noticed you frequently use vocal samples. What is it about them that makes you want to sample them so frequently?

It’s a challenge to rhyme over them.

Do you have a personal favourite project you’ve made? If so, what is it?

StHZERO: The Death of Charles Hamilton.

Of course there are a lot more interesting interactions throughout the lengthy AMA. We decided to highlight the ones that may pique your interest. You can read the rest here.