Kanye West Helped Write Sampha’s “Timmy’s Prayer”

blame it on Patrick Glynn December 6, 2016

I know there are plenty of albums coming out between today and February 3 (J. Cole, Ab-Soul, Kid Cudi and Run The Jewels, to name a few), but I’d be very happy if I woke up tomorrow and Sampha’s new album was in my phone.

The idea of a Sampha solo effort became reality when he dropped “Timmy’s Prayer” in May. It sparked a string of promotion that included a FADER profile, “Blood On Me,” an interview with OTHERtone and, eventually, a set-in-stone release date for Process — February 3.

Before “Timmy’s Prayer,” though, Sampha appeared on “Saint Pablo” — the final addition to Kanye West’s hectic and maligned The Life of Pablo. The session he recorded the song in — which he detailed on OTHERtone — seemingly also bred “Timmy’s Prayer.”

“I wrote that song with Kanye West,” Sampha told FasterLouder in a profile that’ll come out closer to Process‘ release date.

He then explained the theme behind the song: “Sometimes you can be in a sort of loving relationship … that you don’t appreciate when you’re in it … but then when you’re without it you realize it was heaven, because you go out into the wider world and you can meet some real sharks out there, people who are out there for your blood.”

Don’t forget about “Timmy’s Prayer” in your year-end lists, folks.