Curren$y – “Defenseless”

blame it on Patrick Glynn December 8, 2016

Curren$y has released 11 projects in 11 months this year — his latest, 11/30. And with all of that content (and more to come), Spitta still has thoughts to get off on a daily basis.

His latest song, “Defenseless,” comes from a week of losing a friend a couple days after Thanksgiving, then seeing one of his city’s athletes — Joe McKnight — get killed with little immediate consequence.

“I’m just tryna make a mill and not get killed, ’cause your life only matters to your immediate family,” he starts the song, later running through an experience of getting guns drawn on him at a traffic stop for holding nothing but a soda. He’s tired, and he’s echoing the emotions of millions of black people who go through the same systemic racism.

Listen to the Smitty Beatz-produced song below.