50 Cent Talks ‘POWER,’ Possibly Retiring After ‘Street King Immortal’

blame it on Meka December 20, 2016

Despite being 41 years old, 50 Cent is probably in better shape than some guys who are half his age. Attributing that to an intense workout regimen, Curtis sat down with Muscle & Fitness for an interview on his routine as well as music, television, and more.

Some choice quotes below.

The side effects of getting shot multiple times, well, sucks:

(When discussing his injuries) My right hip is real tight. I had to really focus on stretching it. And doctors had to put a pin in my [right] leg from hip to knee, so my left leg is almost an inch longer than my right leg. When I run on the treadmill, my right leg kind of kicks out because my balance is off. Other than that, I don’t have any restraints.

Performing the same songs over and over gets boring after a while:

I think every [artist] gets tired of it, creatively. There is a point when a new idea is exciting. [But] when your first impression is the largest-selling hip-hop album, then people want to hear that music. It’s the right balance and combination—the new song or energy is what I want to perform at that point. I’ll do that and blend in the hits.

On the Golden Globes’ snubbing of POWER:

I’m only interested in the numbers because the numbers are my trophy. It’s the highest-rated original series, and it’s still invisible. It hasn’t even been nominated [for an Emmy]. It’s the way my career has gone. I had the largest-selling debut album and I got no Best New Artist trophy [either].

I’ve gained respect from the public. But I think some people were afraid of me from the very beginning [of my music career]. The trophy would mean that maybe the kids would want to be 50 Cent. But kids bought [Get Rich or Die Tryin’] or it wouldn’t have been so successful. But they didn’t want to give trophies to it.

On the whereabouts of Street King Immortal:

I want to finish with that project. I don’t want to write another record after that. You know how some artists got to have confirmation that they’re right. I have that confirmation in f**king 35, 40 million [albums] that I already sold.

The entire interview can be seen here.