Philly Transplant Chase Allen Is ‘Far From Home’ On His New LP

blame it on Patrick Glynn December 20, 2016

Chase Allen is an artist from Philadelphia who recently moved out to Los Angeles to help grow his rap career. That travel across the country is the basis for his new 15-track album, Far From Home.

Across the project, Allen details the move from Philly to LA, which featured stops in Ohio, Nebraska and Colorado. (Allen notes part of his journey on “Lost Souls,” which we premiered.) He said the project was also inspired by Malcolm X’s autobiography, which shifted his mindset on “his responsibility on earth and to his community.”

“This is one of the biggest moments of my life right here,” Allen said in a press email. “As an artist, there’s no better feeling than expressing yourself through your craft. Far From Home embodies everything about the mentality of the black community. Collectively it is the GPS for the lost soul. Until we all move on one accord, we will continue to be Far From Home.”

Stream the album, which is largely self-produced, below.