Kanye West’s ‘The Life of Pablo’ Wikipedia Page Has Been Edited Over 3,500 Times

blame it on Patrick Glynn December 28, 2016

Wikipedia has a constantly updating list of the most edited Wikipedia pages over the year, breaking it down monthly and overall throughout the year. Right now, Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo Wikipedia page is the 19th most-edited page with over 3,500 edits.

It was the most-edited page in February, when the album finally came out. It was also edited more than the “Donald Trump presidential campaign” page and the page for the year 2016, as well.

Kanye had one of the — if not THE — most hectic album rollouts ever with The Life of Pablo.

From an ever-changing and rotating tracklist, to the release date, to the events at which he debuted music from the album over the course of two years, Kanye’s album stands (for the moment) at 20 songs, over 25 features and even more songwriters and producers. The original tracklist was 10 songs and called SWISH (even though years before, Kanye said his next album would be called So Help Me God).