Curren$y Drops 12th Project Of 2016, ‘Andretti 12/30’

blame it on Patrick Glynn December 30, 2016

If past years have been Curren$y‘s opportunity to show how good he is at rapping, 2016 has been Curren$y’s opportunity to show how frequently he can do it.

I’ve broke it down in previous posts, but I’ll do it one more time. Curren$y, one of our top emcees of the year, has dropped 11 projects in 11 months so far, and they are, in order: The Owners Manual, The Carrollton Heist (with Alchemist), Weed & Instrumentals, Revolver (with Sledgren), Bourbon Street Secrets, The Legend of Harvard Blue, Stoned On Ocean (with Cool & Dre) and Weed & Instrumentals 2, 9/30, then 10/30 and 11/30.

To make it an even 12 for 12, Spitta now unveils his last project of the year, the routinely titled 12/30.

Curren$y’s final project of the year also turns out to have his most hefty tracklist, calling on Freddie Gibbs, 2 Chainz, Smoke DZA, Harry Fraud and the JetLife fam across the project’s 12 tracks.


On Tuesday, Spitta said on Instagram he understands releasing 12 albums in 12 months can be a lot, so he’s going to let the projects breath for a couple month before releasing another one.

“Not that it was a bad thing, but month after month, you drop another project and some people lose focus — they didn’t catch up to that one, but they caught on to the other ones. They might’ve missed 10/30, but they have 11/30. I wanna give people a chance, that’s why we gonna fall back for a few. We’re gonna roll [12/30] out like an actual album.”

Stream and download 12/30 below.