Run-D.M.C. Sues Walmart & Amazon For $50 Million

blame it on Patrick Glynn December 30, 2016

Run-DMC has sued Walmart, Amazon and a host of other companies for using their iconic logo and name to sell merchandise without their approval. The group filed a lawsuit for $50 million in damages, according to Billboard.

The group alleges the companies have used their name on “fedora hats and square-frame sunglasses,” Billboard said, but didn’t use the logo on certain products. But they’ve also blatantly used the logo (seen below, if you’ve never paid attention to hip-hop a day in your life or walked through a department store) on shirts and other apparel.


Billboard summarized what the group, who lost one of its founding members Jam Master Jay in 2002, is looking for in damages.

“Run-D.M.C. is seeking $50 million with interest, as well as attorney’s fees, accounting of all sales of the defendants’ products that were advertised as being related to Run-D.M.C. or directly use its trademark and an injunction and restraining order against sales and promotion of these products.”

The lawsuit also said Walmart, Amazon and others have “harmed RUN-DMC’s ability to utilize, market, promote and sell products with its registered trademark.”

In the past, adidas struck a $1.6 million licensing deal with the group, showing they’re willing to make deals. These companies didn’t.