Ty Dolla $ign Details His Beginnings In Music, His Brother’s Incarceration on VICE Autobiographies

blame it on Patrick Glynn January 4, 2017

Ty Dolla $ign just wants his brother out of prison. If he makes music for anything outside of how much he likes it, it’s to make the money to help get Big TC by his side enjoying his success with him.

Ty Dolla took part in VICE’s Autobiographies series, and he detailed how he got started in music before delving into his brother’s incarceration and how the success isn’t as sweet because his brother isn’t celebrating it with him.

His dad played multiple instruments and was in bands while Ty Dolla was a kid, and he later moved to his grandma’s house, where his dad’s studio was set up, to grow as a musician. He gave beats to YG, one which later became “Toot It & Boot It,” which helped his career as a hook man and beat maker take off. That led to meeting Wiz Khalifa and signing to Taylor Gang.

But ultimately, he wants TC to be with him.

“All this fun shit going on for me, all these women, nice cars, nice home, all this shit, but my brother’s not here with me. So I’m not having as much fun as these other artists,” he said. “I have to work on getting my bro.”

Watch the documentary below.