Phay – “Holy Moly” f. Young Dro

blame it on Patrick Glynn January 6, 2017

Phay is releasing a project, Mama, on January 20. It’s 14 songs, and five of them, including “Humble (Bang),” had been out already before today, when the ATLien shares the sixth single, “Holy Moly” featuring Young Dro.

Phay told The FADER, who premiered the song, a story of how he met Dro at a random studio session.

“Young Dro is one of my favorite rappers of all time. I thought it might be far-fetched to get him on a record this early in my career. I randomly emailed his manager, sent over the record with my verse and hook, and received no response,” he remembered. “Three weeks later, I get this random ass phone call from Dro’s manager telling me to come up to their studio ASAP. I left my job so quick. Pulled up to the studio, met Dro’s manager, and I could hear Dro recording in the next room. Dro opens the door looking like Mr. T with a pool stick in his hand. I’m talking about 30 chains around his neck… this man is literally glowing. He daps me up, obviously not knowing who the hell I was. He finished the last bar as I walked into the studio. He tells the engineer to run back the first verse again (my verse). He says ‘that shit fye.’ And just like that, he disappeared.”

Based on the song’s first verse, it makes sense why Dro liked it: there’s more than one reference to Young Dro songs and flows. Dro returns the favor on his verse, though, as he matches Phay bar-for-bar over the pulsating, off-beat horns and scattering drums.

Listen to “Holy Moly,” produced by RASCAL, below. Pre-order Mama on iTunes.