Before President Obama Leaves Office, Jeezy Breaks Down “My President” Lyrics

blame it on Patrick Glynn January 10, 2017

President Obama is leaving office in nine days, so much of the last month or so publications have been looking back at his presidency and how much he’s helped change in America. But today Genius takes it all the way back to the very beginning when Obama was elected, and Jeezy’s “My President” proudly rang through the streets across the country.

“When he won, I had my blue lambo, doors up, turned the music up and I was riding down Peachtree Street blasting ‘My president is black,'” he started. “White people, black people [yelling], ‘Ah, Jeezy, we did it.’ We won together.”

He went through his two verses of the prideful and celebratory single, which features Nas, and talked about what he was feeling at the time he recorded it in 2008.