Russ – “The Best Party”

blame it on Patrick Glynn January 10, 2017

I went to Los Angeles a couple summers ago, and I saw a taping of one of the last episodes Craig Ferguson recorded of The Late Late Show. He had a guy named Jón Gnarr on, and he was a mayor of Iceland’s biggest city and capital, Rejkavik. He was a former punk rocker and comedian who really didn’t give a shit about politics but Rejkavik and, in turn, the country were in dire straits, so he wanted to bring people together under a new political party. He called it “The Best Party.”

He was mayor for like four years, then he didn’t feel like being mayor anymore, so he didn’t run again, but the country was a lot better off once he left than when he went in. I’m not bringing this up because I hope that’s what Donald Trump could do once he’s in office, because 1) this country isn’t in dire straits financially quite like Iceland was and 2) I really believe Donald Trump is most definitely not going to do many positive things for the betterment of the country while he’s in office.

I’m bringing this up solely because the name of Russ‘ new song, which is called “The Best Party,” and it — like many other Russ songs — mentions not wanting to be a part of the elite group of industry people, the ones that seem to have their own political party that decides what goes on in said industry. Russ has, even if inadvertently, created his own version of The Best Party with the success he’s found while forcefully staying away from industry elite.

On “The Best Party,” Russ celebrates the success living life like a rockstar with women in Hawaii, and I’m sure that’s something Jón Gnarr can support.