Ran Reed Rips “Pathetic MC’s” and “Doo Doo” Rappers In New Video

blame it on JES7 January 14, 2017

A handful of veteran rappers have grown quite tired of the antics of mumble rappers and so-called artists who are simply in it for the money, rather than the artform and sport of rhyming.

Tri-state area emcee Ran Reed is taking names and calling out these “Pathetic M.C.’s” with a life lesson in lyricism, showing and proving that the art of constructing a rhyme hasn’t died, and contrary to Nas, Hip-Hop is alive and well.

Apart from releasing a video for “Pathetic M.C.’s” (which also features industry bully Bumpy Knuckles, aka Freddie Foxx), Ran also shot visuals for “Doo Doo” and is providing a fresh stream for his new compilation album Still Commanding Respect, which you can stream below.