VNCHY Opens Up On ‘EMINENT: 002A_0316’ EP

blame it on Patrick Glynn January 17, 2017

VNCHY is an artist who bases himself in Toronto, but he and his family migrated there during the civil war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo after initially fleeing to Zambia.

“My whole life I’ve been nomadic in a sense,” he . “It’s from all these different places that I built this identity. I’ve never associated my identity with a certain location. I know where I came from, but I always knew that the world all played a part in anything. There’s an African proverb that it takes a village to raise one child. I’ve always viewed the whole world as a village.”

His new album, EMINENT: 002A_0316, digs into the emotions of having to leave his country, hop around a couple others and eventually find a home in Canada in his pre-teen years.

The six-track EP features “Black Diablo” and “Unpredictable” among four other featureless efforts.

“I believe there is a standard out there that’s put upon us,” he told Mass Appeal, who premiered the album. “Whether you’re being marginalized because of your dreams or because of your ethnicity or where you’re from, there is a diablo, a power that we’re all fighting. I’m crazy about self-actualization and you taking the responsibility upon yourself. My music always promotes doing it for yourself and for the people that you love.”

Stream EMINENT: 002A_0316 below.