Flying Lotus Reveals Trailer For Upcoming Horror Film, ‘Kuso’

blame it on Patrick Glynn January 19, 2017

Last summer, it was revealed Flying Lotus would make his directorial debut at a film festival in Los Angeles. That film — called Kuso — has now gotten an official trailer.

Some of the stars of the movie include: Hannibal Buress, Iesha Coston, Zack Fox, Tim Heidecker (from Tim & Eric), Regan Farquhar (known better as Busdriver), Anders Holm (from Workaholics), George Clinton and more.

While there’s no concrete release date for the movie to the public just yet (it’ll have it formal premiere at the Sundance festival this weekend), it looks just about as odd and twisted as a movie can get. The film’s plot was summarized as follows:

Broadcasting through a makeshift network of discarded televisions, Kuso is tangled up in the aftermath of Los Angeles’ worst quake nightmare. Travel between screens and between aftershocks into the twisted lives of the survived.

Watch the trailer below.